The Domaine

The vineyards

The domaine is spread over 53 parcels of vines, extending over 22 hectares and 7 communes. This scattered division of our land helps us to produce wines that are fully representative of the Chablis vineyards, and notably, to benefit from the specific characteristics of the two banks of the Serein river valley.

We work with 3 of the 4 appellations, specifically:

  • Petit-Chablis: 0.16 hectare
  • Chablis: 17.50 hectares
  • Chablis Premiers Crus Côte de Léchet: 1.99 hectares
  • Chablis Premiers Crus Fourchaumes: 0.60 hectare
  • Chablis Premiers Crus Montmains: 0.76 hectare
  • Chablis Premier cru Homme Mort: 0.15 hectare
  • Chablis Premiers Crus Vaillons: 0.83 hectare

Our philosophy

Let the terroir express itself, and preserve it... This is the thought that drives all our interventions, from the first cut of the secateurs to the final stage of bottling. We will only intervene in the vines to help the plants produce the best they can.

It's with this spirit that we aim for reasonable yields, using targeted pruning, a closely controlled debudding and an organical fertilisation reduced to what is strictly needed.

We have grown more and more towards organical viticulture for the simple reason that we can't see ourselves working differently. No weed killers or insecticides have been used since 2011. Biodynamics have found their way into our work since 2018, as a way to keep our soils and vines healty.

By working the soils, shredding vine shoots, using seeds for a winter vegetation cover and using cow manure compostng we can preserve the balance and structure of those soils.

In the cellar, we preserve the fruit of the vine, and allow it to express itself.

We believe the quality of a wine is made in the vineyards, the cellar is only used as a way to express this quality. Therefore we harvest at optimal maturity (healthy grapes, good sugar concentration and maximum aromas).

When the grapes arrive at the winery they are sorted to eliminate anything undesirable (leaves and vegetation, botrytised grapes...). Next step is that we want our wines to represent what the terroir expresses. This is the reason why we vinify according to geographic situation. Following these lines we limit any contribution to a strict minimum. This way fermentation is achieved with natural yiest and bacteria already present on the grapes and in our cellar. To finish we choose to age the wines over a relatively long period (one to two years), in order to allow them to take the time to ripen without rushing nature.

The only inputs we use to elaborate our wine is sulphur (between 60 et 90 mg/liter of wine), bentonite (clay used to speed up the proteines in wine) and isinglass (glue from fish that brings finesse and clarity). In order to avoid a tartar deposit we add cellulose gum (natural wood cellulose). Our wines are then lightly filtered with kieselgur (silica rock). Even when already limited in usage and dose, we keep trying to find better alternatives for these products to add to our list.

Your pleasure, the purpose of our work

Two years of work, passion, patience... It will have taken 2 years for our wines to find their way to your glass. The cold days out pruning, the many hours spent caring for the vines and wines, the long days at harvest, the rainy mornings...

All of these memories are concentrated within our bottles. It is up to you to write the next chapter over your meals, cocktails and tastings.

11 et 13 rue de Léchet - 89800 Milly
Tel : +33(0)3 86 42 12 23 - Mobile : +33(0)6 85 95 34 68
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