June 2016

June 29th 2016
June 29th 2016
June 22th 2016
June 22th 2016
June 8th 2016
June 8th 2016
June 1st 2016
June 1st 2016

Our motorized working companions! Pollarding (second round in progress), treatments (sixth treatment tomorow), ploughing (third passage ended last week).
Pedestrial activity: lifting (finished except the parcels that suffered frost or hail) and other manual labour are currently in progress. We don't have the time to get bored!

- Domaine Jean Dauvissat Père et Fils, June 29th 2016

FINALLY !! The first flowers have arrived in our more advanced parcels. Let's hope the weather will be favorable for a good flowering. Our objectif the past 2 weeks has been to maintain the vine branches in the ranks. We also need to ensure to not create stacking areas of vegetation that favorise diseases. 
We have also started our first pollarding at the end of last week.
It is one of the busiest times of the year in the vines!

Here we are in our parcel of Montmains Premier Cru.

- Domaine Jean Dauvissat Père et Fils, June 22nd 2016

Third treatment of the week against mildew and oidium.
A little bit of knowledge on the use of phytosanitary products. Our domain's vision regarding treatments is to use products for organic viticulture as much as possible; copper (to fight agains mildew) and sulphur (oidium). These two product are washable, so we choose to work with synthetic products during very rainy periods, as the one we are currently facing...
Here we are in Chablis appelation on the town of la Chapelle Vaupelteigne.

- Domaine Jean Dauvissat Père et Fils, June 8th 2016

First wire lifting. We started lifting in our vines of La Chapelle that are precocious (it has to be said as the growth in this vine is late with 15 days comparring to the average of the last 10 years). With help of the wire that is extended between the poles we confine the branches of the vine. Here we are in our parcel of 'Tierces' classed in appelation Chablis.

- Domaine Jean Dauvissat Père et Fils, June 1st 2016


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