Harvest 2015

Harvest 2015: A fine vintage in perspective!

With almost summer-like conditions from mid-April, the budding began, following on from an already precocious start to the year. The fine weather continued into the months of May and June. Then there were several days of high temperatures, so flowering happened very quickly in our vines at the start of June.

July was characterised by high temperatures, including several periods of heatwaves. Rainfall, such as it was, was more noticeable by its absence. The drought continued through July, thus for a time blocking the physiological evolution of the grapes. 

August saw several rainy periods, and thus help to save the situation, and re-start the maturing process. The only cloud on the horizon was an episode of hail, that touched the Chablis area, and in particular our parcel of Premier Cru Montmains.

This year everyone remarked on the good quality of the harvest, with healthy and well-ripened grapes, with a richness in the sugars, and lower, (but not alarmingly so), levels of acidity. Now it is up to us to vinify our fine raw materials graciously bequeathed to us by nature, and to produce the very best of wines.


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