Green fertilizers

About 3 years ago, we started sowing in our vines what is called a green fertilizer. This is used to implant a hibernal vegetal blanket, not to harvest it but to take advantage of everything it has to offer. We mostly use chinese radish, oat and peas. This blanket is sowed in august and destroyed in spring so it doesn't compete with the vine during its vegetal cycle. The interests are multiple:

- The roots of the sowed species will naturally air the soil.
- The blanket will take all available elements during fall and restore it into the vine next spring. This prevents polution of the water table and fertilizes the vine.
- The vegetables, of whom peas are a part of, have the capacity to capture the oxyde in the air. During their destruction and their incorporation in the soils they will release this oxyde which will nourish the vine.
- During the destruction and the burying of this blanket in spring the microbial life of the soil will be multiplied and stimulated. The soils becomes more active that way.
- The blanket also avoids erosion during winter, which is generated during strong rains.

- Domaine Jean Dauvissat Père et Fils, Decembre 16th 2015


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